Jean Horton

My experience with Age Friendly Saco was a wonderfully positive one.  A group of people came to help me soon after the sudden death of my husband. They began by checking my home for safety features and put in safety bars in the bathroom, additional fire alarms in various rooms and many other items to bring everything up to code. They also helped to replace broken screens, fixed a broken bench on the deck and helped in many other ways. They all were wonderful and considerate to have around.  I shall always remember their help and kindness.


Lorraine Jones

Having a patient, dependable tutor, with a one-on-one experience is key to the success of the tablet program. Sheldon Nightingale has been and continues to be the key to opening up this new world for me. His visits have been a Godsend, especially during COVID-19, a time of being so isolated. He was good company also.