Transportation – Mobility Shuttle

The Age Friendly Saco Mobility Shuttle provides door-to-door transportation to Saco Residents aged 60 years of age or older for groceries, daily living needs, library, and other locations. The Shuttle provides regularly scheduled stops to Walmart, Market Basket, Target, Hannaford and Shaws.  We can also provide transportation to the following locations:

  • Saco Main Street
  • Saco and Biddeford Area Businesses
  • Dyer Library
  • Saco Community Center
  • Saco Sport & Fitness
  • YMCA
  • Saco Food Pantry
  • Election Polls. 

The Shuttle runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM.  As ridership gains, we plan to expand our days and hours.  During the rollout phase, Shuttle services are free.  48-hour notice is required to schedule a seat on our 9-passenger van.  Shuttle riders must be independently mobile and must be able to embark and disembark without assistance into a passenger van with steps.

For more information or to schedule a ride, call the Age Friendly Saco Mobility Shuttle at (207) 710-8527.

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Transportation to Medical Appointments

If you are 60+ years old or have a disability, you may be eligible for our
free transportation service to medical appointments.
We welcome Saco residents who live in their own home/rent or reside in
an independent living facility to register and schedule rides by calling
Rides are provided by caring people who give their time to help others. Volunteers are screened, trained and required to keep confidentiality.
All rides depend on volunteer availability, therefore, we request at least a 7 day notice when scheduling a ride. The door-to-door service includes destinations from Kennebunk to
While there is no charge for our services, donations are welcome.

Monthly Luncheons

Age Friendly Saco has had the privilege of being the recipient of a Federal Grant that has donated money for multi-community luncheons.  Included communities are Saco, Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford.  The grant requests that people over 65 be invited to interact, socialize and eat a healthy, balanced meal month each, which is served, purchased, prepared by a small group of 5 volunteers and 4 others who assist in the clean- up.  To date the monthly meals have a been a huge success, feeding from 80-120 clients at each meal.   Age Friendly Saco is very grateful for the generous grant The Southern Maine Area on Aging has provided, and also very grateful to the Elks Lodge in Saco for donating the space and kitchen.

Coffee and Conversation

Age Friendly Saco’s Coffee & Conversations began in the spring of 2022 to provide opportunities for older adults to socialize and to learn from presenters about topics of interest.  The Coffee & Conversations happen every month or so for an hour and a half.  Beginning in January they will be held at The Inn at Atlantic Heights in Saco in order to provide better accessibility. A variety of topics have been presented:  “Wish of a Lifetime,” “Be Safe at Home”, “Why I Need a Will”, “Balance”, “What I Need to Know About Medicare”, “BSOOB Transportation”, “How Comparing Medicare Drug Plans Can Save You Money”, “The Aging Brain”, “Age Friendly Saco’s Door to Door Transportation”.  Topics are chosen based on the interests of attendees.  Donna Beveridge and Cherie Nightengale are the coordinators of these events.  For more information contact the Age Friendly office.

Chat – Saco Cycles

Through the support of a grant by the Huntington Commons Charitable Fund, Age Friendly Saco was able to purchase a trishaw called the “Chat”
which allows for 2 passengers to “chat” as they enjoy a bike ride around the City of Saco. There is nothing like the experience of witnessing our passengers coming back with rosy cheeks, wind in their hair and memories to share. We have been collaborating with several congregate living facilities in Saco. It’s a popular program which is volunteer intensive. Please
consider volunteering for this wonderful program. Call our AFS office at (207) 710-5029 if you would like to arrange a ride.

Medicare Assistance – Choosing a Plan

Among the many volunteers that are associated with Age Friendly Saco, are some volunteers that are well informed with MEDICARE. These Age Friendly Saco volunteers can help you understand the differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans and Prescription Plans. Age Friendly Saco doesn’t sell plans nor indorse any plans——we just educate and possibly save you money! Call our AFS office at (207) 710-5029 if you would like to arrange a meeting with our consultants.

Food Pantry Deliveries

Age Friendly Saco delivers food from the Saco Food Pantry to Saco residents who are unable to collect it from the pantry. Eligible Saco residents may receive food from the Pantry once a month. The Pantry is open Monday through Friday, 9-10:30AM. Call Lynn Steed, 207-494-8662, for a delivery. Please plan when you need a delivery. You may call up to 9 PM the day before you need food, or as early as 8AM on the day you need it. Although we will always try to accommodate requests, the more notice you give, the more likely it is that a driver can be scheduled.

Commodity Boxes

The U. S. Department of Agriculture provides Commodity Supplementary Food boxes, once a month through the Wayside Food Program in Portland. Saco and all the surrounding communities receive boxes on specific days at various distribution sites. Saco residents may collect their boxes in the parking lot of the Saco United Baptist Church, which is accessible on Cross Street off Route 1. The boxes are available from 1030-12:30AM on the first Thursday of the month. Boxes contain about 30 pounds of non-perishable food items. Anyone over the age of 60 is eligible to receive one. There are no economic restrictions. An application is required and may be obtained from the Wayside Food Program website, or by calling Emma Berry at 207-775-4939 during office hours. For Saco residents who cannot pick up a box, Age Friendly Saco does deliveries. Call Lynn Steed, 207-494-8662, to arrange a delivery. Residents of other communities could call Emma Berry to find out where boxes are delivered in their community and when.

Tax Assistance

Property taxes go up yearly. However, for many seniors with limited income, tax time can be a major stressor. Age Friendly Saco provides information about and assistance with application forms for the various Federal, State and local tax savings programs available to Saco residents who own or pay rent for their home. While some seniors are no longer required to pay Federal taxes, AFS can help you understand how filing a Maine Income tax form could save those who qualify several hundred dollars. AFS also provides information about free tax preparation for those who do need to file Federal and State income taxes.   Age Friendly Saco is here to help.  Please call 207-710-5029.

Sand Bucket Distribution

City of Saco provides a sand/salt mixture for its residents. Age Friendly Saco will deliver buckets of this mixture to older adults (50+) upon request. Each year in November the largest distribution of these buckets takes place. Saco Public Works provides a sand truck filled with the mixture. Thornton Academy student volunteers deliver the buckets at this time. Refills are available as needed during the winter months by calling the Age Friendly Saco office at 207-710-5029. We are always happy to have the empty buckets returned for reuse. Residents are reminded there is salt is the mixture; it should not be used on concrete.

Knox Box Installation

Age Friendly Saco is supporting a program to install KNOX boxes to Saco’s elderly population. KNOX boxes are a metal box, secured to the home on or near the front door. Inside the box is the key to that home. Saco’s First Responders are the only authority with a master key to the KNOX box. In an emergency, where perhaps the home occupant is unable to let First Responders into the home, First Responders now have access to the house key, which is inside the KNOX box. Force entry would be eliminated. The KNOX boxes are $220 each and most of Saco’s elderly residents need help with the purchase. Age Friendly Saco and Saco Fire Department would do the installation.

Handy Neighbors

Do you wonder how to find someone to help you with simple home repairs ‐ repairs that cost you nothing? Repairs that help you live comfortably and safely in your home? Age Friendly Saco can help you. Our talented, friendly, helpful handy neighbors will provide services free for residents of Saco, who are 50 or older. We will change light bulbs, install grab bars, help you move summer furniture outside, hang pictures, and more. Ask for what you need, and we’ll tell you if we can do it. Lynn Steed, Chair of the Handy Neighbors Program makes a follow‐up call after each home service is completed. Should you need assistance with repairs, or wish to join us and become a volunteer, please contact us at or call the office at 207-710-5029.

Tech Team

Age Friendly Saco created a Tech Team in the second half of 2020.  Having members with technical expertise in computers, and other technology, we began offering Lunch and Learn classes to demonstrate  and teach about the use of Echo Dots, FireSticks, Roku, Tablets and Chromebooks.  Through grant funding, Age Friendly Saco has provided devices at no cost to residents as well as expertise to learn how to use the technology in their home. Since its inception as an Age Friendly group, we have gifted, delivered and set up 25 Lenovo Tablets, 66 Amazon Echo Dots, 64 Smart Plugs, 32 Roku & Fire Sticks, We have held two Lunch & Learns and are planning more in the future now that we are not quarantined as a community for COVID.  At the first one Lunch and Learn, we gave out 18 Echo Dots and at the second we gave out 18 Roku & Fire Sticks (all included in the above totals). If you wish to learn more about this program, or you would like to join our team, please contact us by email or call Age Friendly Saco’s office at (207)710-5029.

Crock Friendly

CHEF Grant Program is sponsored by Hannaford Supermarkets to provide our aging adults equitable access to food and social connections in their communities. Age Friendly Saco was fortunate to receive a grant to help operate more effectively and to launch various food and social connection programs. 

The Age Friendly Saco K5 (Kitchen 5) team launched the Crock Friendly class program on May 9th and the second class was held on June 6th. Class instructions included a demo on how to portion and prep the freezer ready food. K5 also reviewed how to save money with these freezer meals, make recipes healthier and safely prepare and cook the food in a crock pot.

 At the classes, the participants sampled a few recipes. All received freezer ready meals for two, a 2-quart crockpot and make ahead freezer meal recipes. K5 volunteers prepared the take home freezer bag meal, sample meal for the class and led the class. 

These classes were both instructional and fun. Good news…

More Crock Friendly classes are planned for the near future